Home Agian: CSWE Update

Returning from an exciting and intellectually stimulating CSWE conference.  I arrived the day after the national election to a town and conference still energized by the re-election of President Obama.  This really set the tone for the conference, while I got a real sense of relief from my fellow conference attendees; there was also a great deal of anticipation about the next four years, especially for social work. 

I was pleasantly surprised at the over 30 sessions related to online teaching and technology in social work education. Additionally there was much discussion about the need for a centralized forum where social work educators could discuss online learning, web-based instruction, and technology growth in social work. I was able to talk with many of my “online education” colleagues about this idea during the conference and I am going to give some serious thought to how I might facilitate this idea. A second emerging topic, one I have been living and talking for many years finally made its way into the conference- social work entrepreneurship. I attend two workshops related to this topic, this gives me ideas for my next year’s submissions.

For those of you who missed the conference, I hope to see you next year.


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