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DSC02339Welcome, my name is Rhonda G. Patrick and I am a social work educator, researcher and practitioner.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Texas, with an extensive background in business and program management associated with the design, delivery, and evaluation of social services.

2018 Curriculum Vitae

I am a social worker.  I earned my Master in Social Work from the  University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work. I have over 25 years of clinical, administrative, and governmental social work practice experience. My skills include providing high level consulting services for state agencies, educational institutions, research organizations, and non-profit agencies.  I am currently the Executive Director of the Austin/Travis County Sobriety Center in Austin Texas.  The Sobering Center is an emerging paradigm that incorporates harm reduction, Screening, Brief Interventions, Referral/Placement in Treatment (SBIRT), community outreach, and care management to identify, intervene, and eliminate high risk, harmful and disordered substance use.  I also provide business consultation services to community based social service organizations.  These services includes new business start-up, strategic turn-around,  corporate compliance, program design, implementation and evaluation, revenue development, and general business administration and management.

I am an educator.   I  teach both graduate and under graduate social work courses.  I own, operate, and develop all the content for a Web Based Learning Management Company with over 4,500 active students where the mission is about the educational and professional development of behavioral health professionals.

I am a researcher.  I earned my PhD in Social Work from the University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work. My current research interests include: Impact of Local, State, and Federal Policy Changes on Addiction, Quality of Life and Substance Using Populations, Harm Reduction, Resiliency Theory and Recovery Capital in Young Adults with Substance Use Disorders, Social Work and Entrepreneurship-Blended Programming, Planning and Implementation of Online Education Degree Programs, Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education.




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