Publications and Presentations

SymposuimIn my professional career I have been fortunate enough to share my experience with colleagues across the United States.  I have participated in a variety of professional conferences, presenting on a variety of clinical, administrative and technology related topics.  I have also had the benefit of being invited to conduct clinical and administrative workshops at several professional conferences.  Presentation PowerPoint’s and workshop materials are posted on this site, you can access by selecting the conference presentation and conference workshops pages.

While I enjoy professional conferences, as they allow me to learn from the experience of a variety of professionals, the majority of my time and effort has been dedicated to helping professionals and paraprofessional who work in the behavioral health profession, especially addictions.  It has been this commitment that propelled me to start web-based learning management company for behavioral health organizations.  More importantly it is my dedication to “the client” to ensure that helping professionals have access to ongoing training and professional development.